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The following terms and conditions apply to all users of our services. It is therefore important that you read them carefully before using our services. If you do not agree with any of the conditions listed here, please unsubscribe from this platform. In order to use our services, all flertvip.com customers must have an e-mail address and a password.

Article 1

1.1 Complaints must be made in writing and sent by e-mail to contact@flertvip.com.

1.2 Our platform will resolve your problems as quickly as possible and within a maximum of 5 working days.

1.3 The account will only be deleted if the user informs us of his decision.


Article 2

2.1 The flertvip.com website enables users to communicate with each other via a passive medium.

2.2 The use of our services is intended for all users.

2.3 You may not register other members or allow other members to use your account. If you are unable to modify your profile information, you may cancel your personal account.

2.4 The owner of your account is responsible for maintaining the security of the private data in your account. In the event of theft or misuse of your account, you should contact contact@flertvip.com.

2.5 Illegal access to flertvip.com may constitute a criminal offence.

2.6 It is forbidden to store or use photos of other members for your own use.

2.7 It is forbidden to share/distribute obscene, racist or illegal material.

2.8 It is forbidden to use flertvip.com for illegal actions, such as defamation, swindling, violation of intellectual property rights (such as trademarks, copyrights, European directive 96/9 on database protection, patents and image rights); forbidden or illegal distribution of text and/or audio or video material, racism, drug issues, child pornography. ... and any piracy through the site, such as the destruction or damage of systems and controlled software works; the installation of viruses...

2.9 The use of customer information from the flertvip.com platform is prohibited. The user expressly agrees not to distribute junk mail or spam.

2.10 It is forbidden to share any type of contact information, whether e-mail, telephone contacts or social networks through this platform, or personal information allowing identification. FlertVip has the right to deactivate or modify any profile that does not comply with this rule.


Article 3

3.1 FlertVip is not responsible for any interruption of the system.

3.2 If you find that a profile infringes the copyright of your image, please contact our company immediately at contact@flertvip.com.

3.3 FlertVip is not responsible for the existence of profiles or their content, which is intended for entertainment purposes only.

3.4 The content of external links, such as those that may be placed on our website, is not controlled by us and, therefore, those who provide them are solely responsible for them.

3.5 The content of Flertvip.com has been compiled with the utmost care. We are not responsible for inaccuracies, incompleteness or topicality of the information provided. Contributions reflect the opinion of their author and profiles, advertisements or contributions may only be used for entertainment purposes.

3.6 Physical contact is not possible under any circumstances and we are not liable for any psychological or physical damage caused by the use of the flertvip.com platform, our liability being excluded to the extent permitted by law.
3.7 Flertvip.com is an entertainment site and the user must accept and be aware that flertvip.com is not intended for face-to-face contact or encounters.
3.8 Flertvip.com explicitly reserves the right to communicate on flertvip.com through self-created profiles. Physical meetings with these fictitious profiles are not possible.


Article 4

4.1 These general terms and conditions take precedence over other rules, except in the case of prohibitions and mandatory use of laws not yet protected by national legislation.

4.2 They will thus be transformed into valid versions which therefore assume the personal will of the parties.


Article 5

5.1 FlertVip is not liable for system interruptions.

5.2 If you discover that a profile violates the copyright of your image, please contact our company immediately at contact@flertvip.com.

5.3 FlertVip is not responsible for the existence of profiles.


Article 6


6.1 The company FlertVip has its registered office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11th Street, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3, Dubai. FlertVip is the company that administers and hosts this site.

6.2 This site contains photographs and text.

6.3 The units of value that allow each member to exchange messages are credits, which comply with article 7, and which therefore allow text messages and photographs to be sent to another user.

6.4 We reserve all intellectual property rights (copyright, database rights, trademarks, connection rights and all related actions).

6.5 All users may communicate with each other and exchange visible information.

6.6 flertvip.com is based on a site that allows users to send and receive messages and/or content to other users.

6.7 flertvip.com is a means of presenting information on the Internet.


Article 7


7.1 This platform offers entertainment profiles and flertvip.com is therefore not permitted to establish personal contacts or meetings. Depending on the parameters you have defined in your profile, you will receive dating proposals. However, you can also search for profiles that are more suitable for you.

Flertvip.com is designed for entertainment, with adult content. The profiles are fictitious, so it is not possible to make physical contact with them.

7.2 FlertVip is not responsible for profiles that do not comply with the rules. FlertVip is not always on the lookout for registered profiles, so if you find a profile that does not comply with the rules, please contact contact@flertvip.com.

7.3 FlertVip prohibits the use of its intellectual property content. This authorization includes the duplication, modification or transfer of our content, texts, photos, images... See our data protection policy for more information.


Article 8


8.1 The intellectual property, services and information on the flertvip.com platform belong exclusively to the company that owns them.

8.2 By placing the information and intellectual property rights on another platform, FlertVip is entitled to indemnify and exploit third parties.

8.3 If FlertVip becomes aware of any type of information or material with intellectual property rights, it has the right to lodge a complaint.


Article 9


9.1 FlertVip protects user data with the utmost security.

See the privacy statement on flertvip.com for more information.

9.2 FlertVip always offers maximum protection and care to the user.

9.3 In case of fraud or violation of any rule, the account will be cancelled without notice. Credits will not be refunded.


Article 10


10.1 Credit payments will always be made by credit card.

10.2 You may cancel your account, but once your account has been cancelled, you will not be able to recover any credits.

10.3 If you do not receive the credits due to a technical failure, the refund will be made upon presentation of proof.

10.4 We never refund credits purchased on flertvip.com.