Questions | FlertVip

I want to change my account information.

1) Go to your profile.
2) Make the appropriate changes.
3) Save the changes.


I want to upload photos or delete them.

1) Go to your profile.
2) Click on add photos and upload a photo from your device, or delete current photos.



How does paying for credits on FlertVip work? Are payments secure?

To send messages on our platform you need to buy credits.

All payments are secure:
- Visa, MasterCard
We always advise customers to top up their credits before they run out, so as not to interrupt conversations with profiles.



I bought credits, but I haven't received them yet, what can I do?

If our automatic system fails, please contact us by e-mail to help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If possible, send us proof of payment.



Does this site contain fake profiles?

Nowadays every social network contains fake profiles. This website contains real and entertainment profiles. Entertainment profiles are fake, so it's not possible to get to know them.