Privacy Policy
  1. Personal information

    Your personal information will be managed by Flertvip and is set out in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

    This Privacy Policy includes the legal basis for data processing, the purpose for it and how it is shared.

    Flertvip will store and process the data of registered users, including account information.

    Flertvip is a site aimed at any user, we offer our users virtual entertainment. By entering our website, the user submits to agreeing to all the terms for us to use the data.
    Users can only log in if they are of legal age, taking into account the country you live in, as this differs from one to another.

    Passwords and email addresses are defined by each user, with a unique combination.

    An account is allowed to contact other profiles.


  2. User account

    You will be asked for personal information to complete and/or create your account initially. You will need to enter your email and password. You can add more information after registration.
    This information is intended to facilitate the interest of other users in order to decipher whether the other includes their preferences. By providing this information, you agree to Flertvip processing the appropriate data.

    The data may be processed by chat moderators, data processors, programmers and website administrators.


  3. E-mail

    The purpose of the email address is to activate the account and to be able to communicate with you if necessary.

    It will be used to send you various notifications and promotions, as well as to activate your account when you sign up. You can deactivate your account whenever you want.


  4. Use by third parties

    The personal information on the website will never be used by third parties, only by those responsible for the Flirtvip website. It may be used, but only with your permission or to the extent permitted by this Privacy Statement.
    Data may be collected automatically by the website such as email and IP address, browser type and software used. We may use your information if required to do so by law.

  5.  Payments

    In order to connect with other users, you need to purchase credits by paying by credit/debit card.

    The information will always be protected by Flirtvip as it will be needed to make online purchases on the website. This information will only be used to purchase items on Flirtvip.


  6. Rights

    You have full control over your account, including emails and messages, where you can block the system from receiving them as soon as you wish. You can demand that your information is not processed by the website, and you can decide whether you want to close your account. In the settings you can stop wanting notifications received, among other options, and if you have any questions you can contact the website's support for assistance in all areas.


  7. Data processing

    Flertvip is the entity responsible for processing personal data in all aspects.

    By joining the website you agree that personal information will be made public and visible to all users and you authorize the website to do so. This data will be provided by the user voluntarily in order to add more details to the profile.
    Even if you have private conversations with another user, you are authorizing the website to check the conversations in order to protect the principles of the Terms & Conditions, making sure that all conversations are within the written standards.

    This clause covers all types of data with the client's consent, which can be withdrawn as soon as the client wishes. The purposes of data processing will be legitimate and authorized as soon as the customer registers on the website.


  8. Information

    The customer will always have the right to access, modify or remove the information concerning them. They will have to verify their account via email in order to do so and be registered in our database. You can refuse data processing at any time or even ask for help to change something in your information by sending an email to